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        公司創建于1999年,是“AAA級信用企業 ”,并已通過ISO9001國際質量體系認證。

        公司現為家電著名品牌海爾、美的、海信、惠而浦、小天鵝、榮事達、LG、威力、澳柯瑪、美菱、TCL、寧波吉德等專業配套洗衣機用減震部件及彈簧部件、鈑金件、 注塑件、橡膠部品,同時出口俄羅斯、伊朗、越南、泰國、意大利等國家。2010年銷售收入超過1.5億元,是嚴格為質量服務的洗衣機減震部件及彈簧部件制造企業。



        Established in 1996, the company is an AAA Grades Credit Enterprise and has gained ISO9001 International Quality System Certification. 

        It is a manufacturer of damping parts and spring parts of washing machines that strictly serve the quality.It supplies shock absorber components, spring units, sheet metal components, plastic injection components and rubber components special for washing machines for the well-known brands, such as Haier, Midea, Hisense,Whirlpool, Little Swan, Royalstar, LG, Weili, Aucma, Meiling, TCL and Jide. Its products are also exported to Russia, Iran, Vietnam, Thailand , Italy and so on. The sales income in 2010 was over 150 million yuan.

        President Gong Qingyuan with all the staff welcomes friends at home and abroad to the company for cooperation. We will supply the perfect products and best service for you.

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